I first dialed into the internet in the early 2000's - back when Runescape was the most popular MMORPG and MSN chatroom was the modern day WhatsApp. I've since become friendly with strangers through intricate networks of global tribes built from shared interests, and discovered blogs and YouTube channels created by individuals I consider my mentors. As a self-proclaimed autodidact, the internet has taken me on a journey toward unconventional methods of learning. My attitude towards education has evolved, and can now be summed up in the popular Hebrew saying "Na'aseh v'nishma", which means "do first, understand later". 
At 18  I was selected to join the first cohort of Digify Africa, a 3-month practical digital marketing internship. The course, backed by Google and facilitated by Livity Africa in Johannesburg, propelled me into the IRL projects I have since been a part of. In the last six years I have: managed over a 100 SME's online marketing campaigns; worked at 2 of the largest media agencies in the world; managed multi-million Rand online advertising campaigns including the Coca-Cola FIFA World Cup campaign in 2018; facilitated digital marketing workshops across Southern Africa up-skilling over 15,000 youth; and produced a documentary series called Reconnecting Pangaea. 
Despite this, the greatest opportunity that the internet has given me is to add value to businesses of all sizes, and connect people to the information hubs they need. As a tool, technology and the internet can't solve the complex problems that we face. So, this blog serves as a chronicle of my own experiences collaborating with technology to make things just a little bit better. 
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